Prayers of the People: November 11

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving and intercession for November 11.  It was written by Rev. Robert Mackenzie and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.


Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession


We are grateful at heart

for how Christ Jesus brought God to human beings,

and humanity to God.


We are grateful at heart

that there is reconciliation amongst the nations of Europe,

and for the work of reconciliation where its fruits are realised

for many countries around the world.


We are grateful for the inheritance in peace and justice that is ours,

and that it is in our hands to pass it on.


We pray for those for whom this is a time of pain and loss;

for those for whom painful memories become fresh;

for those far from loved ones, and for the loved ones who wait for them.


We pray for those people who are in the many places in the world

that are far from peaceful,

who hear the sound of approaching war-planes,

to whom the shock of the bombs comes without warning,

whose necessary activities are interrupted by gunfire and shelling,

for whose children it is unsafe to continue in education.


Lord Jesus, within whose experience it was

to share in the daily life of a human community,

strengthen those for whom every day things are a struggle,

for whom feeding their children does not come easily,

for whom finding work seems like a lost cause,

for whom having a secure roof over their heads

would be a dream come true.


Christ, glorious beyond imagining,

surrounded by hallowed ones gathered into the perfection of your presence,

unite our prayers and praises with theirs,

that every generation may exalt you,

with the Father and the Spirit one God,

blessed for ever.



~ written by Rev Robert K. Mackenzie, and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.