Prayer: Blue Christmas

Here’s a unison pastoral prayer for a “Blue Christmas” or “Longest Night” service during the Advent or Christmas season.  It was written by Quentin Chin, and published on the United Church of Christ website.

He writes:  This is a service for those who feel at odds with or estranged from the general feeling of joy and happiness typically associated with this time of year.  These may be people who have suffered a personal loss:  death of a loved one, divorce, illness, or job loss. The service seeks to comfort them by reminding them they are not alone and that their feelings are honored.

Unison Prayer

Generous and gracious God,
we look to you for compassion
and thank you for your presence this night. 
Overwhelmed by our burdens we easily forget
that you never leave us alone
and that your steadfast love for us never falters. 
By coming together we find assurance and comfort
that we do not suffer this longest night alone. 
You have given us strength to live through this night. 
Turn us to reach out to those whose night is also long. 
Grant that we may be your healing presence in their lives
by bringing them your compassion and comfort
that will assure them that they do not suffer alone.  Amen.

~ written by Quentin Chin, in Our Longest Night:  A Service of Hope at Christmas Time. Posted on the United Church of Christ website.