Pastoral Prayer: Luke 1: 68-79

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by Luke 1:68-79.  It was written by Joan Stott.


Prayer of Trust and Thankfulness

(inspired by Luke 1:68-79)


We come together to sing the praises of our Faithful God, joining with Zechariah in his praises! Blessed be the Lord our God, for favouring God’s people with grace and mercy, and with peace and joy. We celebrate our God’s direct involvement with God’s people and give thanks for this great gift. We give thanks too, for the way all God’s mighty promises have been revealed to struggling humanity as being fulfilled and completed. Our minds and hearts cannot comprehend the magnitude of these gifts, and so together, all we can do or say is: “Praise to the Lord our God for the gift of God’s presence with us, and that we can believe in all God’s promises.”

God-Giving, Hope-Renewing God, just as that ancient priest celebrated the new hope he had been given through God’s revelations, so we too praise and thank your God for the renewal by which God’s hope continues to blesses us. God’s gift of hope is always new and precious to us, because it is so much more that our idle day-dreams, or our wistful wishes; that hope is so much more than our ambitions of personal or professional success; and that hope is so much more than our most optimistic plans. Through God’s gracious gift of a living hope, we at last have something to cling to that is tangible and real; something that we can believe in, to trust in and rely upon.

We give thanks that Zechariah knew about and believed the ancient messages of the prophets, and that he recognised God’s path to life was through the way of peace and justice; mercy and forgiveness. We give thanks that he was able to interpret God's message as a bright shining light after centuries of darkness. Light-Giving God, we give you thanks that the darkness of fear, superstition and isolation has been overcome through the holiness and righteousness of our God, and that nothing in this life can ever defeat it; as we follow God’s light-revealing path to God’s fullness of life. Amen.

~ written by Joan Stott, and posted on the Geelong City ParishUCA website.  If used in shared worship, please provide an acknowledgement as follows: Copyright © 2012 Joan Stott – "The Timeless Psalms" RCL Psalm Year C, used with permission.