New Song for Advent: Hope is Dawning

If you’re looking for an Advent song to use during the lighting of the Advent wreath (or at another spot in the worship service), here’s a song from Johnny Parks, Matt Maher, Michael Gungor and Aaron Keyes.  The words are below.  Visit to listen to the music; visit CCLI for the music/chords (song number 5444481).

Hope is Dawning
(Scripture references: Psalm 39:7; Lamentations 3:26, Isaiah 64:1)

Verse 1
Open up the skies and rain the heavens down, the heavens down
Father open up the skies and rain the heavens down on us

Verse 2
Open up our eyes to see Your glory found, it’s all around
Jesus open up our eyes to see Your glory’s all around

We are longing
Hope is dawning
Heaven’s falling
Come Lord Jesus

Verse 3
Open up our hearts to say, “Have Your way, have Your way”
Spirit, open up our hearts to say, “Won’t You come and have Your way”

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