Call to Worship, Prayer: Emmanuel

Here’s a call to worship and opening prayer suitable for use during Advent or Christmas (and other occasions, too!).  They were written by Nancy J.

call to worship

Now is the time, let us pause.
As we wait, may we hear the voice of God.

Now is the time, let us watch.
In our homes, at our work, even while waiting in line—
may we see the face of Christ.

Now is the moment, let us prepare our hearts.
In our words, in our hearts, in all we say and do—
may God’s extravagant love shine through.


God beyond time and space,
take this moment of worship and bless it.

May the grace experienced in this place
be multiplied to overflowing
so that your whole world sees the light of your love.

God of new surprises,
take each of us here, and bless us.

Create in us clean hearts,
refresh our spirits,
and transform our whole beings,
until we reflect your love and compassion through and through.

In the name of Emmanuel, God with Us,
the one who comes to us even now, Amen.

— Rev. Nancy J, on her blog, wonderings through life and other such nonsense.