Responsive Psalm: Psalm 22

Here’s a 21st century exploration of Psalm 22 from Francis Macnab.

Responsive Psalm
(Psalm 22)

God, we read that people in the past
believed in you; and you apparently gave them
the strength they sought.
So why are you so distant from me?
There have been times when I have reached out to you,
but you looked the other way!
My disillusionment comes under criticism from so many people.
And those I thought were my friends, fail to support me.

Truth is, in my heart of hearts,
I know that you gave me life at the beginning,
and I felt you cared for me.

But now I need you to be closer to me,
because nothing makes much sense anymore, 
and there are so many huge problems gathered around me.
In all this tale of misery,
I am talking to you because you know
my feelings and failings.
And you will save me—even from my own negative thoughts.
I continue to believe in your Presence
which is more powerful
than I can really understand.

You have planted within us the awareness
of a love which is eternal, yet very important and personal.

I continue to believe that people are valued by you,
even when they fall away from you.

You let that happen: but you go on feeling the pain
and you are ready to support them 
in their difficulties.
You are the Eternal God of us all:
and I dedicate myself anew to you.

Regardless of my feelings of insignificance and inadequacy,
I am in awe as I try to find a way to worship you.

One thing I can do.
I can be a carrier of your love
to people all around me.

~ written by Francis Macnab, in A Fine Wind Blowing.  Posted on the Rex AE Hunt website.