Prayers of the People: Reformation Day

Here’s a prayer of intercession written by Rev. Abi for Reformation Day (October 1).

Prayer of Intercession: Reformation Day

Dear Lord,

On this Reformation Sunday,
we thank you for those persons you have poured your spirit into
that then set about reforming your church.
We thank you that you are still at work in the life of the church
reforming us reshaping us,
and remaking us into your image.

One of the ways we reflect your image, Lord,
is how we care for one another with love, care and prayer.
We pray for those who are in the hospitals today.
We pray for those at home with illnesses,
and recovering from treatments and/or surgeries.
We pray for those in nursing homes
and those who are home bound.
We pray for their families during these times.
We pray for those who are facing death.
We pray for those who have died and for those who are grieving.
We pray for their Doctors, nurses,
health care workers and care takers.
Lord may we reflect your image in our love, care and prayer
that we put to action for these your children.

We reflect your image in how we love, care and pray for the world.
We pray for those around the world
who as Christians face imprisonment and martyrdom.
We pray for those who countries torn by civil war.
We pray for those living in poverty.
We pray for those who live in starvation.
We pray for those who are being used in slave labor, child labor and sex labor.
We pray for those who have been affected by disasters.
We pray for those in disaster areas who face outbreak of diseases.
Lord, may we put into action our love, care and prayers for the world.

Lord, we pray for your church
that we be a beacon of hope, grace, love and light in this world.
May our open doors reflect your open arms to all.
May our arms and hands reaching out to those in need reflect your love for all.
May our forgiveness of one another reflect your forgiveness for all.

— written by Rev Abi, and posted on RevGalBlogPals.