Prayer: World Communion Sunday

Here’s a prayer for World Communion Sunday from Rev. Mindi’s Rev-o-lution blog.


She writes: Invite the congregation beforehand to pray the Lord’s prayer in any language they choose. If your congregation is primarily English-speaking, invite them to pray the words of the prayer that they may have learned from their own backgrounds—using debts and debtors, trespasses, sins, etc.—so that there is a diversity of words, but the same spirit of prayer.


Prayer for World Communion Sunday


God of all nations, we give You thanks that we are all made in Your image, with such rich diversity. On this day we are in solidarity with the faithful around the world. As we break bread together, we remember that we are still one body in You, even though we have different languages, cultures and traditions, different ways of worship, praying and praising. In solidarity we drink the cup together of hope, of new life, knowing that Your will is for Your people to be one body. We are one body, but we are not the same—it is through the gift of diversity that we are able to be Your body. We thank You and praise You for making us all who we are, individually and collectively. We each celebrate our own ancestry, culture and ethnicity, and we pray to You now as You taught us…


~ written by Rev. Mindi and posted on her Rev-o-lution blog.