Prayer: Psalm 146

Here’s a prayer inspired by Psalm 146.  It was written by Christine Jerrett.

(based on Psalm 146)

There are days
when all that keep me praying
is the decision to trust you, O God.

To trust that You are still in charge
that You are watching over my way
that You care about truth
even when the liars seem so strong.

So, for today,
I choose to trust in your faithfulness
in your power to create new beginnings
where none seem possible
in your watchful care
over the oppressed
the stranger
the orphan

Unblind me
Open my eyes to see You
lifting up those who are bowed down
upholding orphans and widows
bringing the way of the wicked to ruin.
Let me see Your reign

Then, summon me to join the praise of Your people
echoing through the generations
Praise the LORD!

~ written by Christine Jerrett, and posted on Christine Jerrett: Reflections on being the Church in God’s new creation