Oct 8, 2012

Prayer: Lord, I Am Blind

Here’s a prayer about blindness from Neill Thew.  It came to mind when working through Mark 10:46-52, the account of where Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus.


Prayer: Lord, I am blind


Lord, I am blind –

for I am afraid.


Lord, I am blind –

for I do not want to see.


You promise to heal the blind –

and that terrifies me.


I have seen the light –

and I want to close my eyes.


I ask you to shake me,

but I fear being broken.


I ask you to bless me,

but I fear being made whole.


~ Neill Thew in Bread of Tomorrow, edited by Janet Morley, SPCK, 1995. http://www.amazon.com/Bread-Tomorrow-Prayers-Church-Year/dp/0883448319