Intercession: Thankful People

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving and intercession from Rev. Iain MacDonald and the Starters for Sunday website.

Prayers of the People

Ever faithful Lord,
Ever giving Son,
Ever present Spirit,
For the many gifts you grant us
and the opportunity to enjoy these things;
For your daily provision
and for the constant signs of your healing love;
For the hope amidst despair
and the light which always shines;
For all these things,
‘thank you’ is just so inadequate
but it’s all we have:
… to show our gratitude in word, in thought and in action.

So thank you, Lord
and may our thanks move beyond words
to transform us into thankful folk,
faithful folk,
seeing folk,
folk who see need and see the need to act,
folk who love to live and live to love,
folk who serve you by serving others.

Help us to be amongst those
who include the excluded
and bring in those who are marginalised,
that when the opportunities come our way
to be healers of division and hurt,
to be peacemakers
and restorers,
we won’t be found wanting.

Loving, personal Father,
We bring before you those people and issues that are closest to us
and that occupy our minds at this time …
(personal and local intercessions could follow)

Mighty, wonderful Father,
we bring before you people and issues from around our world,
including those we’ll never know personally
but who remain our sisters and brothers in you …
(national and global intercessions could follow)

Transforming, healing Father,
help us to make the light shine in dark places,
to make peace known in violent places,
and to bring hope to despondent places.
Our prayers, spoken and silent
are brought to you now
(along with these gifts that we freely give
and dedicate to the work of your Kingdom)
in the name of your Son, Jesus,
the healer, includer and redeemer,

~ written by Rev Iain MacDonald.  Posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.