Call to Worship: Turning a Cheek

Here’s a call to worship which explores true strength.  It is inspired by 1 Samuel 17:1-58 and Matthew 5:38-42 (Luke 6:28-31).  It was written by Katherine Hawker.

Turning a Cheek
(inspired by 1 Samuel 17:1-58, Matthew 5:38-42)

Strength is commanding
the wind and sea to obey,
Strength is wielding
a slingshot in the face of a raging giant.
Strength is accepting vulnerability
from inside the boat,
Strength is standing in solidarity
with the powerless.
Strength is turning a cheek,
Strength is loving an enemy.
We come to worship
a God who redefines our vision of strength.

~ written by Katherine Hawker, 1997, and posted on Liturgies Outside.