Call to Worship & Prayer: Psalm 104

Here’s a contemporary call to worship and opening prayer inspired by Psalm 104. They come from the Ministry Matters website.


Contemporary Gathering Words

(inspired by Psalm 104)

Come into God’s presence and shout with the heavens, 
our God is very great! 
Clothed with honor and wrapped in glorious light, 
our God is very great! 
Serving tirelessly and caring endlessly, 
our God is very great! 
Calling us to humility and compassion, 
our God is very great! 
Come into God’s presence, to listen and hear God speak.


Opening Prayer

God of majesty and might, 
blow through this place 
like a mighty wind. 
Inspire us with your presence. 
Cover us with your love, 
that we might be your people, 
serving others with care and compassion. 
In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.

~ Adapted from The Abingdon Worship Annual 2009, © 2008 Abingdon Press.  Posted on the Ministry Matters website.