Sep 14, 2012

Reflection: Punctuation

Here’s a creative reflection from Hillary Beasley, a high school English teacher.  It was posted on MINemergent’s Daily Communiqué.

god is in the single dot. the full stop.
even eternity must have paused
to catch her breath in bethlehem,
on calvary, in that hospital room with me.
god is in the comma, and god is
like outstretched hands, connecting
or a long pause, gasping.
god is in the exclamation's shout!
the anger, the fervor, the wonder!

god could be in the colon:
the answer.

god is in the semi-colon; god
joins what would remain apart.

is god in the question mark?
is the curve and unoffensive dot
the mark of the fall of 
a former zealot?
is it my downfall, my lack of faith?
or is it the curve of god's embrace?

~ written by Hillary Beasley, and posted on MINemergent’s Daily Communiqué, September 14, 2012.