Sep 13, 2012

Psalm 1: An Alternate Psalm

Here’s an alternative reading of Psalm 1. It was written by David Rosenberg.

Psalm 1: A Paraphrase

Happy the one
stepping lightly over
the hearts of men
and out of the way
of mind-locked reality
the masks of sincerity
he steps from his place at the glib café
to find himself in the word
of the infinite
embracing it
in his mind
with his heart
parting his lips for it
day into night
transported like a tree
to a riverbank
sweet with fruit in time
his heart unselfish
whatever he does
while bitter men turn dry
blowing in the wind like yesterday’s paper
unable to stand in the gathering
they fall
faded masks
in love’s spotlight
burning hearts of paper
locked in their own glare
but my Lord opens
his loving one
to breathe embracing air

— written by David Rosenberg, A Poet’s Bible. Posted on The Praying Life blog.