Prayer for Others: Open Us

Here’s a prayer of intercession written by Jenny Adams on the Starters for Sunday website.


Prayers of the People


Servant God,

be with those who are not seen and heard in the world,

because of their gender or age; their caste or race;

their sexuality or lifestyle; their poverty or history.

Open our ears and eyes, to hear and see all people as yours.


God of little children,

be with all children, wherever they live,

whoever their parents are, whatever their needs,

that they would all be welcomed and nourished,

enabled to be all you want them to be.

Open our hearts and arms, to welcome all your children.


God of love,

be with all who live with fear,

fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of being labelled,

fear of themselves or others, fear of you.

Open us all to your endless love, that it might drive out fear.


Teacher God,

be with us all, as we struggle to make sense of your world and your word,

as your church, in our communities, as your disciples.

Open our minds and hearts, to learn from you.


God of all,

Father, Son and Spirit,

hear our prayers, spoken and unspoken,

offered from the darkness and hope of our hearts,



~ written by Jenny Adams and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.