Sep 18, 2012

Haiku Invocation

Here’s a prayer of praise, invocation and confession in Haiku form (5-7-5 syllables).  It was written by Robert Rife, the music and worship minister at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Yakima, Washington, and posted on his blog, Rob’s Lit-Bits.

Haiku Prayer

I’m here to listen
To the beating heart of God
And hear the silence

Perfect in beauty
Shrouded in the mists of heav’n
You reign, exalted

Never ending one
See what no one else can see
Come, sweet intrusion

Come, save me, O God
Release me from my prison
That I might praise you

When separation
Comes to lonely, seeking souls
You share our longing

How can I untie
What knots of sin lie beneath-
That you, alone, see?

Guide with compassion,
Lead un-wholly hearts to cry
And, finally, see

Can you see them now
In suff’ring, never-ending?
Great One, release them

Never have I seen
The shining face of our God
So full of yearning

~ written by Rob Rife, and posted on Rob’s Lit-Bits.