Call to Worship: Psalm 124

Here’s a call to worship litany inspired by Psalm 124.  It was written by Joan Stott.


Call to Worship

(based on Psalm 124)


We gather together in praise and worship of our Faithful God,
because our help and hope rests always in the Lord our God.
We bring our praises and thankful responses to our Saving God.

Blessed be the Lord our God, who is our security and home,
and whose mercy and grace frees us from all that traps us.
Blessings, reverent honour and glory be to the Lord our God.

We come together to praise worship our all-Powerful God,
because we are confident of God’s generous care over us.
Our eternal trust is in the name of the Lord our God,
who is our Maker, our Saviour, and our timeless Home. Amen.
~ written by Joan Stott, and posted on the Geelong City Parish UCA website.  If used in shared worship, please provide an acknowledgement as follows: © 2012 Joan Stott – "The Timeless Psalms" RCL Psalm Year B, used with permission.