Psalm 84: A Paraphrase

Here’s a new prayer paraphrase of Psalm 84 from Bruce Prewer.

Psalm 84

Beauty is your dwelling place,
God of the starry hosts!
    My spirit yearns and aches
    to make all my life worship.
    My mind and heart sing for joy
    in the presence of the living God.

Like the common sparrows,
we want a home under your eaves.
    Like swallows we will build our nest
    where we may raise our young.
    Close to your altars, God of hosts,
    near you, our most regal Friend.
    Happy are those who live with you,
    every moment is a song of praise.

Happy people draw strength from you,
their heart is set on your highways.
    As they travel through the valley of tears
    they make it a source of refreshment.
    They find streams of hope and renewal,
    and pools filled with spring rains.
    They go from strength to strength
    and see God on the mount of prayer.

God of the starry hosts, hear us,
turn and listen, God of Jesus.
    See how small are our defences,
    shine on us with the face of Christ.
    One day in your house is better
    than a thousand anywhere else.
    I would rather be your doorkeeper
    than a pampered guest of the wicked.

God is both our sunshine and shelter,
freely giving grace and honour.
    No helpful gift is held back
    from those who walk lovingly.
    O God of the starry hosts,
    happy are those who trust you!
~ Copyright Bruce Prewer, 2002.  Posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page.