Prayers of the People: To Our Creator

Here’s a beautiful prayer of intercession from Carol Penner’s Leading in Worship blog. 


Congregational Prayer to our Creator

Lord you give life to life!
From day one, your Spirit brooding over the deep,
your wind rushing, your breath filling.
As creatures of the earth we rejoice in life
using our breath, our being
to raise this hymn of praise:
Hallelujah to the sun’s hot passion
embracing the ground’s great shoulders.
Hallelujahs for the growth from seed to plant
greening the earth; its fruit—beauty and food!
Hallelujahs for generations of life
tumbling one after another.
Life creeping, swimming, flying, running,
below, above, upon, within.
All the world sings, calls, signals, speaks
praise to God whose glory grows in all that breathes!

Knowing your power, knowing your love for us, we bring requests this morning;
we pray for those who are preparing for marriage, and who are newly married,
especially ______________;
give these people wisdom and steadfastness
and above all, love, as they join their lives together, and form new families.
We pray for all we know who are sick, in mind or body,
or who suffer from chronic conditions,
especially we name ________________ who are in need of your comfort.

We long for reconciliation with those we have harmed
with harsh words or harsh actions,
and for peace among our warring nations.

Fill us, enliven us, to be ambassadors of life abundant,
breathing out your song in harmony,
singing to you, our Creator,
whose glory shines through all the world. Amen.

~ written by Carol Penner, and posted on her Leading in Worship blog.