Prayer of Thanksgiving: James 1: 17-27

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving based on James 1:17-18.  It was written by Rev Ian Elston.

Prayer of Thanksgiving
(inspired by James 1:17-18)

Whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God above…. James 1:17

Father, we give thanks for all that you have done for us,
for the gift of life—of growing and learning
and experiencing the wonders of Your World
For the gift of love—of sharing and caring,
and seeing glimpses of You
in the joy of friendship, the care of family, the love between parent and child;

Lord, make us mindful of all your gifts,
that we may be content and grateful,
giving our love and lives to you all our days;
Fill us with grateful hearts
And remind us constantly of all You have given us
that we may never take for granted Your love
and Your generosity and Your goodness.  Amen.

~ adapted from a prayer written by Rev Ian Elston, Kirkcaldy, Torbain.  Posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.