Aug 18, 2012

Prayer for September 11

Here’s a prayer for the anniversary of 9/11, written by Fr. Richard Rohr.

A Christian Prayer for 9/11
(inspired by Matthew 7:21)

"It is not those who say, 'Lord, Lord!' who will enter the reign of God,
but those who do God's will." (Matthew 7:21)

God of all races, nations, and religions,
You know that we cannot change others,
Nor can we change the past.
But we can change ourselves.
We can join You in changing our only
And common future where you 'reign'
The same over all.

Help us not to say, "Lord, Lord" to any tribal gods,
But to hear the One God of all the earth,
And to do God's good thing for this One World.

~ written by Fr. Richard Rohr, in a collection of Prayers for 9 11, posted on the Huffington Post website. HuH