Gospel Reflection: John 6: 60-69

Here’s a thoughtful reflection on John 6:60-69 from Anne Osdieck on The Center for Liturgy web site.

Gospel Reflection
(inspired by John 6:60-69)
“Do you want to
leave me too?” Jesus asks.
He does not water down his words or change them.
“Whoever eats my flesh will live forever.”

Where would we go, Jesus?
Who has life and words
like yours?

If you can create a universe from nothing;
if you can invent a wheat field,
then we believe that you
can come to us
as bread.

Holy One of God,
come nourish us, be with us and sustain us,
or we will not have the strength.
Our journey will be
too hard.

~ written by Anne Osdieck, and posted on Saint Louis University’s The Center for Liturgy web site.