Confession: 1 Kings 8: 23-24

Here’s a prayer of confession inspired by 1 Kings 8:23-24, King Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the new Temple.  It was written by Rev. Quentin Chin.

Prayer of Confession

We profess that you are God, O Holy One.  We have no other gods, and yet, we do not always serve you with sincerity and faithfulness.  Our “other gods” are not the ones of our ancestors—the ones beyond the River, or in Egypt, or of the Amorites.  We struggle with “other gods” here and now who seek to fulfill us by consumerism and with self-importance.  We hear gods who instill in us such fear of our enemies that we seek power from weapons of destruction.  Help us, O God, to find fulfillment in you.  Forgive us that we are skeptical of love’s transforming power.  We repent of our sins and turn our hearts again to you.  Amen.

Words of Assurance

No other god cares for us as God does.
No other god loves us as God does.
No other god forgives us as God does.
Thanks be to God.

~ from Offerings of Praise, written by the Rev. Quentin Chin. Posted on the United Church of Christ website.