Offering Prayer: Proper 11 B

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving and dedication from the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.  It is inspired by the suggested scripture readings for Proper 11 B (Ordinary 16 B)—the 8th Sunday after Pentecost.

Prayer of Dedication
(inspired by 2 Samuel 7, Ephesians 2: 19-22, Mark 6)

God of tent and temple,
settlement and seashore,
you are always moving,
always calling us to come along with you
into unexpected and wonderful places.
May the gifts of money given here and through our bank accounts
help your Church to be dynamic and fluid.
May each of us fulfill our own role as a stone in your temple
resting upon and supporting one another.
Help us to remember and give thanks for those who formed this temple before us,
welcomed us into it and with whom we are still united on earth and in heaven.
We ask these things through Christ our cornerstone.

~ posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.