Confession: Proper 15 B

Here’s a corporate prayer of confession inspired by the suggested scripture readings for Proper 15 B (Ordinary 20 B), the twelfth Sunday after Pentecost.  It was written by Thom Shuman.

Call to Reconciliation

In a world with much evil,
God continues to work for good.
In a culture which worships foolishness,
God still offers wisdom as a gift.
In a time filled with lies,
God's promises are true.
In a society obsessed with "reality,"
God's love is constant.
Let us come to the One who offers the Bread of Life,
the promise of redemption,
and the grace of forgiveness.
Please join me as we pray,

Unison Prayer of Confession

You must shake your head in wonder at our ways,
Keeper of the Covenant.
How can we say we want wisdom,
when we foolishly squander the knowledge we have of your ways?
How can we claim to follow you,
when we walk the slippery roads of the world
not caring where they lead us?
How can we desire your great and steadfast love,
when the simple seductions of our society are in full view every day?

How can you have mercy on such unwise and unfaithful people,
Perfect Wisdom?
Yet, that is exactly what you do:
and our greed turns to gratitude,
our pettiness to praise,
our tantrums to thanksgiving,
as hope and joy become our blessing
through the One we call our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Silent Prayers may be offered

Assurance of Pardon

In Christ, God sent redemption for all.
In Christ, God feeds our hungry souls.
In Christ, God gives the cup of salvation
to thirsty people.
We give thanks to God for everything:
forgiveness, hope, new life. Amen.

~ written by Thom Shuman, and posted on Lectionary Liturgies.  Visit his site for many other excellent lectionary-based resources.