Prayers of the People: Call to Ministry

Here’s a thoughtful and comprehensive prayer of intercession from Rob on Rob’s Prayers (see link below).

Prayer of Intercession

Creator God,
revealed to us in Jesus of Nazareth,
present to us now through your Spirit,
we hear your call to care
for the lost, the last, the little, and the least
that even through us your grace may touch their lives.

Loving God,
friend of outcast and stranger
prejudiced in favour of those whom others reject,
we hear your call to care for those on the margins of our world;
Aboriginal sisters and brothers lost in their own land,
refugees seeking asylum and new hope,
those excluded from our communities.
May our ministry offer dignity and respect to each and every person
and offer a place at table for the stranger and the outcast.

Gracious God,
relating to us as a generous parent
offering yourself in love to every person
we hear your call to offer hope of renewed relationships
where trust and love have been displaced by fear and jealousy,
where family has become a place of abuse rather than nurture
where hurts, real or imagined, remain unforgiven.
May our ministry offer your gifts of grace and reconciliation
and hold out the hope of restored and renewed human relationships.

Living God
known to us in the dance of community we call Trinity
mediated to us through the common life of the church
we hear your call to offer new communities of meaning and hope
to those who live in isolation and emptiness
to those whose lives lack purpose and direction
to those seeking a safe place to nurture their journey of spirit.
May our ministry offer the hope of deep and trusted friendship
and a way to find connectedness with those who share the journey of life.

God beyond all names
whose presence lives in those you call by name
whose presence goes before us into the lives of those to whom we minister
we hear your call to serve in a variety of places.
We pray that each one of us
as we serve you in our particular ministry
may find renewed depth in our relationship with you,
may be confirmed in our call to this ministry,
may find our gifts and call affirmed as we offer them in service,
may become a part of a healthy and life-giving community of faith.

Hear these our prayers
as we offer them in the name of Jesus

— written by Rob, on the Rob’s Prayers page of the Uniting Church SA website.

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