Jun 12, 2012

Prayer: Teach me Your way, O Lord

Here’s a prayer of aspiration and commitment from Pedro Arrupa, SJ.


teach me your way of treating others –
sinners, children, Pharisees, Pilates and Herods,
and also John the Baptists.

Teach me your way of eating and drinking,
and how to act when I'm tired from work and need rest.

Teach me compassion for the suffering, the poor, the blind, and the lame.
You who shed tears, show me how to live my deepest emotions.
Above all, I want to learn how you endured your Cross.

Teach me your way of looking at people:
the way you glanced at Peter after his denial,
the way you touched the heart of the rich young man
and the hearts of your disciples.

I would like to meet you as you really are,
since you change those who really know you.
If only I could hear you speak
as when you spoke in the synagogue of Capernaum
or on the Mount of Beatitudes!

Give me grace to live my life, within and without,
the way you lived your life, O Lord. Amen.

— written by Pedro Arrupe, SJ.  Posted on the Center of Concern website. https://www.coc.org/