Jun 18, 2012

Prayer of Thanksgiving: God of Fresh Bread

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving at the table from Rex A.E. Hunt.


God of fresh bread and new wine,
we sense your presentness among us
in grace-filled moments of sharing,
in carefully created communities of loving solidarity,
in holy times of birthing new life amid all the suffering.

We delight in the moving of your steadfast Spirit
demanding that we find water for the thirsty,
demanding that we prepare meals
for all who hunger, and
encouraging us to welcome all in our midst.

As we share this meal
may we be nourished by the dangerous memory
of Jesus and his friends,
who dared to feed those no one else would feed,
who included the ‘sinners’ that society shunned and oppressed,
who drew healing energy out of people past hope of healing,
who heard the cries of people dried up and desperate,
and nourished them with living water,
and life-giving bread.

— posted on the Rex A.E. Hunt website.  http://www.rexaehuntprogressive.com/