Prayer of Confession: Renew this nation

Here’s a prayer of confession suitable for Canada Day (July 1), Independence Day (July 4), or any other national day of celebration.

Prayer of Confession
(based on Isaiah 2:4-5)

Eternal God, before you nations rise and fall.
Help us to repent our country’s wrong,
and to choose your way of reunion and renewal.
Great God, renew this nation.

Give us a glimpse of the Kingdom you are bringing to earth,
where death and violence and hunger will be no more,
and where all nations gather in the light of your presence.
Great God, renew this nation.

Teach us peace,
that we may plow up battlefields
and pound weapons into building tools,
and learn to talk across old boundaries
as brothers and sisters in your love.
Great God, renew this nation.

Talk sense to us,
so that we may wisely end all prejudices,
and may put a stop to injustice and cruelty,
which divides or wounds the human family.
Great God, renew this nation.

Draw us together as one people who do your will,
so that we may be a light to our nation,
leading the way to your promised kingdom,
which is even now coming among us.
Great God, renew this nation.

Great God, eternal Lord,
show us there is no law or liberty apart from you;
and let us serve you whole-heartedly, as your devoted followers,
through Christ our Lord.

— adapted from a prayer by the Idlewild Presbyterian Church, Memphis, Tennessee.

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