Jun 18, 2012

Prayer: Fruit of the Kingdom

Here’s a prayer from Christian Aid based on Mark 4:28.

‘The earth produces the crops on its own.
First a leaf blade pushes through,
then the heads of wheat are formed,
and finally the grain ripens.’ Mark 4:28

Father, how can we ever understand the miracle of your ways?
We see your creation and we know you are God.
Yet we saw your mighty kingdom formed with the humility of a servant.

Faith and acts of kindness grow into great good.
We will never comprehend how your kingdom comes,
but we recognise its fruit.
We see it in unexpected places: in sickness, in poverty, in conflict.
We see it the places we wouldn’t want to live.
Sometimes we see it in our own lives.

Your kingdom come, Lord – in us and in your world.

— posted on the Monthly Prayers page of the Christian Aid website.  http://www.christianaid.org.uk/