Jun 26, 2012

Prayer for Our Land: Psalm 85

Here’s a paraphrase of Psalm 85 from Leslie F. Brandt’s Psalms Now. It seemed like a good addition to the collection of National Prayers on this blog.

A Prayer for Our Land
(a prayer paraphrase of Psalm 85)

O God, You have indeed been good to us.
You have prospered our land.
You have opened Your heart to us in love.
You have forgiven our sins
   and adopted us as Your sons [and daughters].

But now our country is in turmoil.
We no longer have confidence in our leaders.
Our citizens are in revolt.
Our young men [and women] are spilling their blood
   in foreign wars.
People are turning away from You
   and are being ensnared
      by strange doctrines
      and godless philosophies.

We know that You have not turned away from us.
You touch with joy and peace
   the hearts that are open to You.
You stand ready to show Your salvation
   to all who will trust in You.
As we speak to You in faith,
   You respond in loving concern.
You will give us what is good
   and will prosper us
      with gifts from Your hand.
You are holy and just.
You love Your children
   and will guide them
      in Your course for their lives.

Renew our faith, O God.
Forgive us our many failures and infidelities.
May our land continue to be a place
   where we can be free to love and serve You.

~ written by Leslie F. Brandt, in Psalms Now.