Jun 25, 2012

New Hymn: God of Eagles

Here’s a contemporary hymn suitable for American Independence Day celebrations (July 4).  It was written by Dosia Carlson.  See below for tune suggestions.

God of Eagles, God of Sparrows

God of eagles, God of sparrows,
     soaring spirit, earthly guide,
help our nation know true greatness,
     free from all-consuming pride.
Strengthen us for global duties
     sharing progress that is just;
like the eagle may we venture,
     like the sparrow may we trust.

God of valleys, God of mountains,
     comrade in our depths and heights,
speak through all our civic leaders
     who would nurture human rights.
May they know your daily presence
     and affirm your ageless deeds;
through dark valleys may they follow,
     up steep mountains where love leads.

God in victory, God in failure,
     steadfast through each tribal test,
save us from our shabby idols,
     show us that your way is best.
Better than the lure of power,
     better than the lust for fame;
so in failure may we praise you,
     and in victory bless your name.

~ written by Dosia Carlson, copyright © 1975 The Hymn Society (admin. Hope Publishing Company). Use of these words is covered by your CCLI or OneLicense copyright license.  If you don’t have a copyright license, contact Hope Publishing Company for permission to use.  

Tune suggestions:
HOLY MANNA (Brethren, we have met to worship)
HYFRYDOL (Jesus, what a friend for sinners) 
BEACH SPRING (Come ye sinners, poor and needy) 
or any other tune

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