Litany of Covenant Renewal

Here’s a covenant renewal litany from Rev. Christine Sobania Johnson.

Covenant Renewal Litany

Every day we journey on this earth is a day in which we make choices:
left or right, up or down, in or out, yes or no?
Some choices are simple, and some are very complex,
but one choice informs all the others:
Who will be our God?
Who will we trust to see us through this journey?

Who has been with us from before the beginning,
bringing us into existence?

Who has loved us and blessed us and sent us on our way?

Who has pointed us toward the path
and posted the signs we need to find our way?

Who has been at our side when the road has been smooth
and gently curving?

Who has kept with us through hairpin turns
and construction zones and potholes and detours?

Who will celebrate with us when we complete our course
and seek the comfort of eternity?

Only One. The One and Only.

Holy One. The One and Holy.

Will you choose this day to stay faithful to the One who is faithful to us?

Count us in.

Will you choose this day to place your whole trust
in the One who is trustworthy?

Count us in.

Will you choose this day to commit your talents and your resources
to the One who first endowed them?

Count us in.

Will you choose this day to love the One who loved us first?

Count us in.

Praying together,

We devote ourselves to you by renewing the covenant—
the promise you made to humanity so long ago.
Because you are our God, we will be your people.
Enlarge our faithfulness, our trust, our commitment and our love
so that we may graciously uphold our side of the deal.
Help us always to recognize your presence and your blessings
throughout our journey.
Keep us in your care.

— written by Rev. Christine Sobania Johnson on her blog, Freshly Squeezed Liturgy.