Independence Day Litany

Here’s an Independence Day litany which would also work well in other countries besides the United States. It was written by Lisa Frenz.

Independence Day Litany

God of love and mercy,
You have lavished your creative might on this land,
giving us an abundance of natural beauty and resources.
Lord, may we always remember that this earth is yours
and we are its caretakers.
Guide us that we may use what you have given us
with care and thanksgiving.

God of love and mercy,
You shower us with mercy not condemnation,
with love not hate,
with acceptance not fear.
Lord, may we always remember that justice is more than law.
Give us the wisdom to see injustice disguised as "protection,"
and the courage and knowledge to challenge such laws.

God of love and mercy
You have blessed this land of ours
with more riches than most of the world can comprehend,
and with an energy and vitality that can produce wonders and marvels.
Lord, may we always act to share our wealth,
taking the gifts you have given us to the world,
reaching out to friend and foe, alike.

God of love and mercy
You have blessed this land,
making it a great and wonderful place to live and work and play.
Instill in us the humility which comes from the knowledge
that we have done nothing to deserve the blessings we have.
Sensitize us to the dignity of all people
that we may respect their individuality of culture and spirituality.
Lead us to understand their needs within the context of their lives.
Supply us with the wisdom to assist them
with out imposing our customs upon them.
Continue to direct and enlighten us
that we may be servants to the world and all peoples.
We ask this in Jesus' name, who is God yet servant to us all. Amen.

— copyright © Lisa Frenz.  Posted on Lisa’s Liturgies.

If you are going to use it, Lisa asks that you use the following copyright acknowledgment ‘Copyright Lisa Frenz. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.’

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