Jun 25, 2012

Gospel Reflection: Mark 6: 7-13

Here’s a thoughtful reflection on Mark 6: 7-13, the gospel reading suggested for Proper 9 B (Ordinary 14 B).  It was written by Bruce Prewer.

(inspired by Mark 6: 7-13)

Not the wise, not the skilled,
neither scholars, nor saints;
     mere ordinary folk,
     warts-and-all characters,
     and that Peter bloke;
caught up in the freedom of Jesus.

Authority: called and empowered
to release the bedevilled;
     the diseased and the lame,
     the crazy and the lost,
     the soul filled with shame;
caught up in the love of Jesus.

Not cluttered with possessions,
free as the wind of heaven;
     inviting the crowd,
     anointing the sick,
     rebuking the proud;
caught up in the spirit of Jesus.
~ Copyright © Bruce Prewer (2000).  Posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page. http://www.bruceprewer.com/