Call to Worship: Psalm 85: 8-13

Here’s a call to worship from Psalm 85. The paraphrase was written by Leslie Ann Billhimer Frye.

Call to Worship
(a paraphrase of Psalm 85: 8-13)

For those who will listen, let them hear:

God will speak peace
     to God's people,
     to God's faithful,
     to those who turn to God in their hearts.

God's salvation is at hand
     for those who fear God.

When our living is right in God's eyes,
When justice makes a path for God's steps,
     Steadfast love and faithfulness meet.
     Righteousness and peace kiss each other.
     Faithfulness springs up from the ground.
     Justice looks down from the sky.
     The LORD gives what is good.
     Our land yields in abundance.
     God's glory dwells among us.

— written by Leslie Ann Billhimer Frye.  Posted on the Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren website.