May 31, 2012

Reflection on the texts: Proper 7 B

Here’s a thoughtful reflection on two of the scripture texts for Proper 7 B (June 24, 2012): the accounts of David facing Goliath, and Jesus calming the storm.  It was written by Katherine Hawker.

Reflection on the Gospel and Hebrew Lections
(Proper 7 B)

The winds raged
and the disciples trembled.
Goliath taunted
and Saul tasted fear.
Enter Jesus
Enter David
staring beyond the fear
daring us to do the same.
The winds will rage
and giants will taunt
and fear will weaken our gait.
Still Jesus
Still David
offer a challenge
not limited to wind and bullies
but beckoning to the heart of the timid.
Staring beyond the fear
focused on the greater power
daring us to do the same.

— written by Katherine Hawker, 2003.  Posted on Liturgy Outside.