Prayers of the People: Psalm 138

Here’s a thoughtful prayer of intercession inspired by Psalm 138.  It comes from Jeff Shrowder’s excellent The Billabong website.

Prayer of Intercession
(inspired by Psalm 138)

Gracious and eternal God,
you have raised up your name and your word
above everything;
your steadfast love endures for ever.
In a world where every day
some division or strife arises
we bring our prayers for others
and for ourselves.
Do not turn from the work of your hand,
your human creation
and the world in which you have set us:
by your holy breath
comfort the lonely;
bind up the broken-hearted
and those who mourn;
calm the fearful;
rejoice with those who celebrate;
be present to those who call on your name,
to those we named on our lips,
and in the silence of our hearts,
those whose concerns are known only to you;
in Jesus’ name we pray….
      (the Prayers of the People continue)

— Copyright © Jeff Shrowder, on The Billabong website. For use in worship with acknowledgement.