Prayer of Praise: Psalm 9: 9-20

Here’s a prayer of praise and adoration inspired by Psalm 9:9-20.  It would also make a wonderful start to a prayer of intercession.  It was written by Moira Laidlaw.

Prayer of Praise and Adoration
(inspired by Psalm 9: 9-20)

Gracious and loving God,
you enabled the Psalmist to turn to you,
confident that all his cries and prayers
would be heard by you and answered by you. 
Prayers uttered in the belief that you would not permit evil and despair
to have the last word. 

We offer our prayers in that same belief,
and with even greater confidence,
for in Jesus you have made known your great love for all people. 
He bears our burdens in times of trouble and through his sacrificial love,
our lives are blessed, strengthened, and empowered by the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

For these great gifts,
we offer our thanksgiving, our praise, our adoration,
and this prayer,
in Jesus’ name.  Amen.
— written by Moira Laidlaw, and posted on Liturgies Online.  Visit that site for many other lectionary-based worship resources.