Prayer of Intercession: In a world where...

Here’s a prayer of commitment and intercession from Tom Gordon.

Prayers of the People

In a world where many would seek to damage your creation, bring hatred to your people, show violence to your children ... help us always to be grateful for the gifts of love and life, for the glimpses of transforming beauty and unending wonder. Take us now, and use us well to combat evil and destruction wherever we find it.

In world driven by greed and a lust for power; where the material threatens to overwhelm the spiritual; where goodness seems too frail in the face of badness ... help us not to give up on righteousness and truth; to believe that you can use well the gifts we offer; that you will call forth the gifts of your people again and again.

In a world where people are broken at the hands of humanity and by the vagaries of nature ... help us to trust the healing of your blessing and love, placed even now in the hands of those who seek to face down injustice and champion human rights; who stand in the dark places with your light held high; who give of themselves for the sake of others.

In a world where we struggle to understand pain and suffering, and, most especially, in the lives of those we love ... we bring before you those for whom we weep; those we embrace in our hearts; those to who we reach out in the yearnings of our prayers ...

Silence ...

In a world where we can feel so insignificant and helpless ... help us to know you have a place for us; lift our spirits when we don’t feel good enough; fit us into your plan in amazing ways.

In a world where so much is focused on the here and now ... help us to remain bound with those who have gone before us; to rejoice in our fellowship in the one kingdom of your love; to give thanks that, from time to time, we have a glimpse of eternity. Amen.

— written by Tom Gordon, and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website. Visit that website for other excellent lectionary-based worship resources.