Prayer of Confession: Proper 5 B

Here’s a thoughtful prayer of approach and confession inspired by Jesus’ words in Mark 3:20-35. It was written by Rev. Andrea Price.

Prayer of Approach and Confession
(inspired by Mark 3:20-35)

Heavenly Father, you call us like a good parent to you to guide and protect us, to nourish and lead us.

Brother Jesus, you call us like a caring elder brother to serve us and help us, to cheer us and invite us.

Healing Spirit, you call us and move us ever closer into fellowship with you and each other.

Yet like unruly children we strain at your guidance, we try to break away and do it ourselves. We feel our strength and imagine to be all powerful. We rejoice in our life and imagine ourselves to be immortal. We know our talents and want to be independent rather than depend on you. Before we know it we are in the grip of other powers, leading us away from your loving ways into the slavery of selfish greed, adoring false gods of youth-fulness, materialism and power.

Lord, forgive us and free us. Open our eyes how your wisdom knows true leadership to be service. Open our hearts that we may learn that neither race or tribe, culture or religion are barriers to separate us but that we are all one family in your love.

So open our hearts and minds to learn again to live your love as we celebrate and worship you here together.

— written by Rev. Andrea Price, and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.