Prayer for Pentecost Sunday

Here’s a prayer of invocation and petition for Pentecost Sunday.  It was written by Rev. Abi.

Pentecost Prayer
(Acts 2, John 14:15-30)

Holy Spirit,
you poured yourself out on the people of the early church,
pour yourself out on us now.

Holy Spirit,
you set their tongues on fire with languages
so as to speak to one another in ways that could be understood.
Set our tongues on fire to speak in different languages and ways
so others may hear the good news about Jesus.

you said you had to go away
so that the Holy Spirit, the advocate, the counselor would come
and it was so.
Come once again Holy Spirit as the advocate that we all need,
as the counselor we all need,
and as the helper we all need.

Come Holy Spirit,
fan your flames of love and empowerment,
set us on fire for you once again.
Bring life to each of our dry bones.

— written by Rev Abi, and posted on her Long and Winding Road blog. 

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