Pentecost Prayer: God of Wind and Fire

Here’s a prayer for Pentecost from Sue on the RevGalBlogPals website.  I have revised it slightly so that the pronouns in the first paragraph are plural.

Pentecost Prayer

God of Wind and Fire, on this Pentecost Sunday, we are more aware than ever of our deep need for you. It's true—we do not know how to pray. We do not know how to form on our lips the words to express the prayer that lingers on our hearts. Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit—comforter, teacher, inspiration, and translator of every soul's deepest needs.

Guide and bless all of us today God. Free us from whatever safeguards we have placed around us to keep our lives and worship predictable. Free us to encounter you in a new way, that your Spirit might truly dance in our midst and inspire us to love and service in Christ's name.

God, bless us as we enter into the Spirit-filled celebration of this day.


— written by Sue, and posted on the RevGalBlogPals website. 

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