May 21, 2012

New Hymn: Trinity Sunday

Here’s another contemporary hymn of praise to the Trinity.  It was written by James Wood.

Hymn to the Trinity

O God, the Creator,
The King on the throne;
You know us and love us
And call us your own.
Be near to give comfort
And hear as we call
To you, mighty Father,
The ruler of all.

O Jesus, our Saviour,
Our Lord to the end;
You love and redeem us,
Messiah and friend.
You cried for us sinners
And died in our place
So, death now defeated,
We might see your face.

O come, Holy Spirit,
The life breath, the fire;
Bring power from the Father
To heal and inspire.
Give light to our darkness
And brighten our ways,
Make each breath and heart beat
An anthem of praise.

All praise to the Father,
All praise to the Son,
All praise, Holy Spirit
Great God, three in one;
Our end, our beginning,
Our friend and our King;
We worship and serve you,
Your praises we sing.

— Copyright © James Wood (b. 1957).  Administered by The Jubilate Group

Tune suggestion:  HOLINESS (Take time with the Father)

— copyright © James Wood/ administered by The Jubilate Group (Hope Publishing in North America). This is just one of many excellent resources available (free of charge) on The Jubilate Group website.

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