Father's Day: A Prayer

Here’s a prayer of praise and intercession for Father’s Day.  It comes from the sanctuary website.

Father’s Day Prayer

Father God thank you for your perfect fathering –
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
shepherded and nurtured; disciplined and challenged
so I can flourish in your purpose and plan for me
and bear my Father’s image more fully still.

Father God, thank you for your perfect example.
I praise you because you show all fathers how to love;
to shepherd and nurture; discipline and challenge
so their sons and daughters can flourish in this world as you have planned,
and carry your presence to all they meet.

Father God, bless all fathers today –
   with wisdom, with patience, with courage –
and above all with love for their children.

Father God, bless all children today –
   with openness to correction, with eagerness to learn –
and above all with love for their fathers.

Father God bless all who are fatherless today –
   surround them with godly men to teach, affirm and guide –
and above all to love with the love of a father – in your strength.

— from the sanctuary website. http://www.thesanctuarycentre.org/

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