May 31, 2012

Drama: 1 Samuel 16: 1-13

Here’s a dramatic setting of 1 Samuel 16:1-13 from Moira Laidlaw.

1 Samuel 16: 1-13

People required:
            An older person - Samuel Kingmaker
            Father of 8 songs - Jesse
            8 males of varying ages – young adults down to boy of about 10-12.

Scene opens with Jesse speaking on mobile phone to eldest son:

Jesse:  Glad I caught you, son,  I need you to come home right away – Samuel Kingmaker just called and he has something important to tell one of you boys...

Eldest son: (in excited voice) Samuel Kingmaker?  What could he want with us?  He’s a major powerbroker in the city – well, it’s probably me he wants to talk to – you know that I’d be the most important  one of your sons, Dad, after all, I’m a power person – one has to be when one is in politics like I am.  I wouldn’t even bother contacting the others, It has to be me he wants to see.  I’ll be home as quick as I can.  Bye.

Next son: (also on mobile phone) Yes, Dad, I hear you, but I’m busy with a patient right now – do I have to come right now?  OK, OK I hear you, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Next son: (wearing a butcher’s apron, or something similar, also on mobile phone)  What – right now?  All right, I’ll just close the shop for the rest of the day, business is a bit slow anyway.

Next four sons come from different areas of congregation – all talking on mobile phones with conversations something like this
OK, OK It’s very inconvenient, but I’ll  be there asap;  Now?? I’m just going to the library (insert a variety of places) ... All right,  I’m on my way... etc etc.

All seven sons assemble in sanctuary with Jesse – all talking at once.  All become quiet as Samuel Kingmaker arrives – they treat him with deference and offer him a chair.  

Samuel Kingmaker:  As you all know, I’m a very busy person but God has a special task for me to do and it concerns one of you boys.  A very important task indeed.

All seven sons stand up a bit straighter and tidy themselves, straightening their clothes, pushing back their hair etc...

Samuel Kingmaker:  I need you all to stand in a line in front of me – so as I can tell if you are the one that God wants.

The sons make a line in front of Samuel – in order of height – tallest to smallest.

Samuel stands up and begins to walks slowly along – he stops briefly in front of the eldest son – who whispers (loudly)  I think I’m the one you want, I have lots of good qualities, I’m handsome, clever, have good connections in the city...   Samuel cuts him off...  God is not interested in such external things but but rather on the internal thoughts of your heart... walks past others shaking his head slowlySamuel turns to Jesse: There must be more... are these all of your sons?

Jesse:  There’s only the youngest – he’s just home from school doing some jobs I set him – I think he’s out the back cutting the grass...

Samuel:  Call him. I won’t leave till I see him.
The other sons mutter to each other and shake their heads as they glance at Samuel.

David enters, wiping his hands on his shirt... Samuel comes forward and looks at him closely, then he says:  This is the one that God wants for a special task. 

He takes out a bottle of oil and anoints David’s hands, head and feet with appropriate words.  David appears startled, then he kneels down in a prayerful position – all hold their positions for a moment, then return to seats.

Note: This could be linked with the gospel parable about the smallest seed growing into a large tree and the affirmation that God uses us however small or young (or big or old!) we might be.

— written by Moira Laidlaw, and posted on Liturgies Online.  Visit that site for many other lectionary-based worship resources.