May 21, 2012

Contemporary Hymn: Trinity

Here’s a beautiful contemporary hymn about the Trinity from Andrew Pratt.

Trinity Hymn

The void that rippled with your breath
was ordered to your will;
then life evolved, as love informed
your purpose and your skill.
That love, the ground of all that was,
of all that is to be,
inspired the prophets, fired each word,
and still is wild and free.

The fire of love was never quenched,
yet all your power distilled
until a human frame contained
all that you loved and willed.
You came in humble gentleness,
to live beneath this sky,
and though your flesh was scourged and torn
your love would never die.

Beyond the cross, beyond the grave,
you lived audacious hope,
and proved that truth and grace could give
a life of greater scope.
And now the spirit fires our lives
and we are living proof
that God who formed the universe
loves now through grace and truth.

Suggested tune: ELLACOMBE (I Sing the Mighty Power of God)

— Copyright © Andrew Pratt 19/3/2010. Posted on Hymns and Books blog.