Prayers of the People: Easter 3 Year B

Here’s a prayer of intercession for the third Sunday of Easter, Year B.  It was written by Jenny Adams.

Prayer for Others

For your world and your children,
we bring our prayers to you,
God of love.

For those creatures who are misunderstood,
for those place which are abused,
may there be loving care.

For those who have not known love,
for those who struggle to care,
may there always be another chance.

For those who live in fear,
for those who bring fear to others,
may there be justice and peace.

For those living with wounds,
for those confounded by death and loss,
may there be hope for new life.

For those who want to understand more,
for those who are content,
may minds and hearts remain open.

For your world and your children,
we open our hearts.
Hear our cries, and lead us,
through Jesus Christ, our risen Lord, Amen.

~ written by Jenny Adams. Posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.