Prayer of Intercession: Easter 7 B

Here’s a prayer of intercession for the sixth Sunday of Easter (Year B).  It was written by Richard Einerson.

Prayers of the People: Easter 7
(inspired by John 17:6-19, Acts 1:15-17, 21-26)

Our gracious, eternal God, we thank you for the challenges which life brings.  It also brings changes which sometimes throws us into crisis.  Be with us in such times in our Christian community.  Like the early disciples help us in our common life to find your guidance in our collective decisions.

Help us to approach our decisions seeking your guidance through prayer.
Help us to examine our own hearts for any unseemly motives.
Help us to focus on the common good and not be driven by our own selfish interests.
Help us to seek consensus and never be satisfied with power plays and divisiveness.
Help us all to share in our mutual ministry.
Lead us forward and help us to create a community where love, acceptance, and mutuality are expressed, where joy abounds, and where results are achieved because we are all working hand in hand together.  May it be said of us as it was said of old:  “See how those Christians love one another.”

We ask that you would save us from ever being a cloistered cell which seeks escape from our world.  Instead, open the windows of our souls to the world and its needs.  Send us forth to herald the good news of Jesus, to be your servants to those in need, to visit the sick and the imprisoned, to remember the forgotten in our society, and to work for justice and peace.  Use our varied gifts so that as Peter suggested we all might do our fair share in this ministry.   Bolster us in moments when we feel inadequate for the task and give us courage. Amen.

— written by Richard J. Einerson, from his collection of prayers, Prayers of the People.

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